How many people carry smartphones everywhere with them at all times? Why not take advantage of that at your wedding? Look at your wedding through the eyes of your guests with Instagram!

Taking your wedding to the social media level isn’t hard. Print out some cards or handouts for your guests to let them know how to participate. You can use Instagram a couple different ways. Create a hashtag (one that hasn’t been used already) like #MikeAndCarrieWedding and let your guests hashtag pictures from the wedding. A simple search with that hashtag will reveal all the pictures your guests took. Another way to collect pictures would be to setup an account on Instagram for your event– like @MikeAndCarrieWedding (or something like that) so users can tag pictures to an account.

Using social media to collect pictures is a great tool to see different aspects of the wedding that the photographer might have missed– plus it makes your guests feel like a part of the big day!