2014 Wedding Trends

Here are some trends to look out for in 2014 from bridaltweet.com 1. Hand-painted Wedding Cakes. 2.  Detailed Backs.  “Backs are going to be the main feature in 2014.  Thanks to vintage influences in 2013, 2014 is going to be packed with this subtle yet sexy feature.  We are talking keyholes, jeweled embellishments, architectural pleating and lace fill-ins.” 3.  Rustic is out. Elegant is in. “Brides are looking for contemporary design with traditional touches. Budgets will still be tight but there will be increased spending on uniqueness and interactive activities for guests.”  4. Tea-Length Dresses.  “…have been reappearing throughout 2013 and in 2014, we are expecting to see a tea-length boom.  These short designs are super cute and are a bit different than the traditional wedding dress. ”  5. Large Ruffled Skirts 6. Gold Table Decor 7. Brides Posing in Front of Doors 8. Printed/Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses 9. Text-dominant Invitations 10. Tutus for Flower Girls   What... Click Here To Continue Reading →

Wedding Exits

The wedding exit is an ancient tradition still used today that is not only fun for the newlyweds but for the guests too! Grains like wheat were originally used in wedding ceremonies as a sign of fertility and prosperity. When grains were used it was good luck and considered blessing the newlyweds. Today wedding exits are still used for tradition BUT provide great photo ops. This brings us to the first wedding exit– Rice Rice is very traditional. It’s the most commonly thrown item for American couples. Heard the rumor that throwing rice is harmful to birds? It’s just an urban legend. Beach Balls If you are tying the knot at the beach this is something perfect for you. A beach ball exit is fun, different, and looks great in pictures! Paper Airplanes This is a new one and is definitely different. Have airplanes folded up (even print directions on... Click Here To Continue Reading →